Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Maintenance

Bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms of the house to keep clean and tidy. With the continuous stream of wet towels, discolored toilet bowls and black grout between the tiles, it seems that even the slightest lapse in bathroom maintenance can result in a bleak bathroom. If you have more than one bathroom, it can be even harder to keep afloat with the cleaning and maintenance. Following some quick and easy bathroom maintenance tips can help to maintain the sparkle in your bathroom suites.

Help Yourself Out – DYI Bathroom Plumbing Tips

It’s not original thought to think “I’ll leave cleaning the bathroom today, just one day can’t do any harm” then before you realize, you find yourself knee-deep in toothpaste-stained soap dishes with a massive clean-up on your hands. Ensuring you always wipe down any mess as it can help to prevent the impending doom that is deep-cleaning the bathroom.

Always wash your shower equipments and shower after use, this can help to prevent mold and mildew to display of your washroom, especially if it’s carried in conjunction with good ventilation techniques. Insist that your family members do the same, leave a cloth by the side of the bath/shower for them to wipe, so they have no excuse!

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Bathrooms don’t have to be as troublesome as they first appear, doing a little cleaning each day means you don’t have to spend a full day scrubbing on your hands and knees. Maintaining your bathroom regularly will ensure your bathroom’s always in pristine condition and fully functional.

Monitor your Plumbing

If you’re noticing abnormal pools of water or damp occurring there could be an underlying problem relating to your plumbing. If such problems go unnoticed for too long, the damage can be catastrophic. Simply checking around for leaks weekly can help you to identify and rectify such problems from occurring.

Minor leaks within the home are major culprits for wasting water and money each year, yet people fail to repair them as they aren’t seen as a big problem. If you suspect you have a leaking toilet pour a few drops of food coloring in your cistern and if the color appears in the bowl without flushing – you have a leak. Similarly, leaking taps can be a nuisance and a waste of water; it’s often a simple task to repair the tap. Try your hand at DIY and save some money!

Maintain a Level of “Standard Clean”

A common sight in bathrooms is tatty and messy bathroom accessories, soaps and similar personal hygiene products can cause bathroom accessories to discolor and stain. Always keep your accessories clean, and you will notice a significant difference to the sparkle in your bathroom. Bathroom accessories are designed not just for practicality, but for appearance too. Make sure you always have clean, gleaming accessories as they can give your bathroom a facelift – plus, they’re one of the easiest aspects of the bathroom to keep clean!

Shower-head Maintenance

Flushing shower-heads with clean water will remove mineral deposits that can clog the holes. Soaking the shower-head in vinegar is another way to remove the deposits.

Picture of a bathroom shower-head
Check for leaks in the shower head and tub faucet and handles behind the wall. Cracks in tile or missing grout can lead to water leaks into the drywall as well. Damage can be irreversible before it is noticed and can cause full shower and tub renovation or replacement. Look for other places moisture in the bathroom might be pooling after a shower, such as around the edges of wall mirrors and where a wall meets the lip of the counter. Checking from time to time under the sink for any drips will help a homeowner catch a mold problem before it grows out of control.

Test for Toilet Leaks

Test for toilet leaks by checking the tank’s water level. If water is overflowing through the pipe located in the middle, adjust the fill valve. Do this until water stops within one inch of the overflow tube. Add a few drops of food coloring and wait 15 minutes before checking the bowl. If the toilet bowl water has changed color, you might need to replace a leaking flapper or ball.

In conclusion, the bathroom should be carefully handled, everyday practices like cleaning it after use, checking the faucet if the are loose and checking the water level of the tank are important in maintaining the bathroom.

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